A Day In The Life Of Me

Day to Day Happenin's or Mis-Happenins of Me.

Monday, September 04, 2006

Well sense its been forever since I posted, I thought I'd post. I am now officially in diet mode and doing some serious exercising. THANKS ALOT LIZ... I just looked at my PREGNANT friend's blog and she has pictures of her PREGNANT self in "belly dancing" wear. I want to know how the hell she can pull off the top she has on. I'd need about another 6 yards of fabric just to cover my boobs. okay okay I am kidding... mybe 5 yards.. but either way, Liz you have a smokin' body for a preg woman!! I am not trying to pick ya up but damn.... I have way to many dimples and divots on my kangaroo pouch stomach to wear any kind of outfit like that.

Okay... but seriously... I have been sorta watching what I put into my mouth, and hopefully it will pay off. My activity level is shit right now. I just started a new job so I will be sitting on my ass all day. Lucky for me it is only a day and half a week so I will not be away from Em for very long. But the past 2 weeks I have been training and I have to be there all day everyday just about. UGGHH... I am not accustomed to being up and out the door to drop Em off at my MIL's BY 6:00AM!!!!!!!!!!!! That in itself SUCKS... My kid is cranky, and crying because she got woke up and does not want to stay with my MIL. I am cranky and crying all the way to work because I can't handle Emily crying... But hopefully it will get better. After this week I will be on my normal routine and only working Friday's and part day on Saturday.

This is another hard part.. I was talking to my MIL the other day and her smoking kinda came into the question. I flat out asked her if she smoked during the day while Emily was there.... her response was " sometimes but I mostly go outside if I need to". I WAS FUCKING LEVID!!!!!!!!!!!!! SOMETIMES??? HOW ABOUT NO TIMES!!! I cannot say shit to her about smoking in her own house but I DO NOT WANT HER SMOKING IN HER HOUSE DURING THE DAY WHEN MY DAUGHTER IS THERE! I would ideally like her to not smoke at all but if she needs to I guess she should go outside. I guess she hides in her bedroom "real quick" leaving my daughter unattended. But when she opens the door all the funk has to come out with her since she does not open a window or anything. MY DAUGHTER IS BREATHING 2ND HAND SMOKE!!!!!!!!
I started bawling the other day and had a brief discussion with my DH about it but who knows if he will say anything to his mom about it. I asked him to but knowing him he won't. He kinda shrugs my concerns off and it bothers me. He basically justifies her actions by saying she watches Em for free so what am I bitching about. Well if I have to pay someone I will to keep my daughter safe. I am getting all nausiated just thinking about it. THIS IS THE VERY REASON I DO NOT WANT TO HAVE A FUCKING JOB!!!!!!! IS HAVING ME MAKE MY OWN VEHICLE PAYMENT AND PAY A FEW SMALLER BILLS A TRADE OFF TO MY DAUGHTERS HEALTH??

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

HAPPY 4TH, well now it is the 5th but Happy 4th anyways.. haha.. Things are slow and normal around here so I really have nothing exciting to write about. We went to the BC fireworks Monday night and had a good time there, Emily was alittle scared for the first few bangs then sat intentally watching. Tonight at Saginaw's she was SOUND asleep 5 minutes into it and slept the whole time. DAMN THEY WERE LOUD TOO!!! It sounded like they were shooting cannons off right at our heads. Kinda like how my neighborhood sounds right now. Someone in the vicinity of my house has dynamite or something because it sounds hidious!!!!!! I am not talking a small bang here/there, this is house rattling!!!!!!!! We had a huge BBQ here today. All my siblings and Craigs mom/sister came over for awhile. They never stay long though { probally because his mom cannot go 20 min without a cigeratte and I refuse to let her smoke on my property. Tons of food to eat today. We watched the Hotdog eating contest on tv today. This tiny chinese kid ate 53 1/2 hot dogs in 12 minutes!!!!!!!!!!! Its a world record. He has been the champ for like 5 years now. 53 hotdogs!!!! i'd be gagging after 2-3!!! I like them { hotdogs} but not that much!!

I just got back from Vegas and still feel as if I am in slow motion. The time change really messed me and Em up bad!! For the past week it's been close to midnight before she is in bed sleeping. I am tired by 9-10 but cannot fall asleep until 12-1am. I have tons of laundry to do still and the house is a mess ecause I have no where to stick it right now, I am using them{ the suit cases} as laundry hampers. No sense in dumping all the clothes out all over when I can just empty them as I go by washing all the contents.
Vegas was fun... the plane ride was so-so. I cannot say traveling with a toddler was the best part but Emily really as not that bad. She slept all but the last 20 min of the flight out there and did well riding in the stroller so much. Even though that was a challenge.

I THINK the airlines busted my stroller putting it on/off the plane. My wheels LITERALLY fell off the thing. There was nothing wrong with the wheels on the stroller when we left but for some ODD reason the back wheels came off. Ohh well. I ended up replacing it when we got home so I have a new stroller. I hate the straps on it but its nice. Well I am about to collapse at the keys so off to bed I go.

Saturday, May 20, 2006

I am writing again so soon because I have nothing else to do. The tv is broke so we don't have anything to do. Sex is out since AF is in town. Baby is sleeping though so I do have free time to maybe shower or something.

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Its Wednesday morning and I WISH IT WERE FRIDAY... I am about to choke the piss out of DC kid #2 { He is 2}. He came this morning cranky, and whiney { he and his sister both are like this ALL DAY EVERY DAY} so I should not be suprised or shocked. But anyways... he wanted his socks and shoes off. I took them off. 2 minutes later he desides he wants his socks back on. I put them on... THEN HE GOES INTO A FULL ON TANTRUM... HE DOES NOT WANT HIS SOCKS ON AFTER ALL, and yanks them off. I put them in his bag and walk away. Leaving him STILL SPAZZING OUT... He is now following me around the house screaming he wants his socks on. I currently have the baby gate up to the office so he is standing at the doorway yelling at me as I type. Emily is in here on this side of the gate more or less staring at him like he is a freak. Ohh well...at least his sister is playing nice for a few.

Nothing new is happening, or happened. I had an okay Mother Day. Saturday evening Craig and I went to the movies and did some clothes shopping for me. I have no wardrobe other then the 3 pairs of jeans that fit me and some tshirts. God forbid I have to go somewhere nice because I don't have anything.. But anwyas... My trip to Lane Bryant for an outfit turned into a 350.00 shopping spree!!! I got jeans, tshirts, wife beaters [ sleeveless tshirts], a few skirts, and tops and 2 new pair of sandles. OHH LIZ IF YOU ARE READING THIS... LANE BRYANT NOW HAS "LONGER LENGTH" TSHIRTS!!!!!!! THEY ARE 12.99 AND OOO SOOO WONDERFUL.. THEY ACTUALLY COME TO A DECENT LENGTH ON ME!!!!! Probally would you too. Anyways....back to my Mother's Day. I felt guilty about spending so much $$$ so I told Craig not to buy me anything for Mother's Day. He did buy me a card but has not signed it or given it to me yet. Matter of fact, its still sitting in the Hallmark bag in the backseat of my van. I casually mentioned it to him and he said since Mother's Day is over he will just save the card for next year. HA!!! I am slightly crushed. I didn't even get a card from my daughter :( He didn't even spend 99 cents to buy me a card from her..

Well I had to stop posting here for a few to intervene in a day care bully vs. Emily incident. He desided he wanted to be in the window so he pushed Emily backwards and she fell, hitting her face on the toy basket. He is rather mean to my child, so you can see why I AM COUNTING the days till they are gone. His socks are still not on btw... I refuse to put them on. He's thrown his socks at me, then when that didn't work he threw his shoes at me while I was reading the kids a book. He is now in time out for the 3RD TIME THIS MORNING. Nap time is going to come early for all of us.

Its now 11:08 am. I've had to stop/start this several times now. I should not even be online but I need some solitude right now. The door is open, I can see them all playing so I think we're good. I need to start thinking about lunch, got any good ideas?? We had grilled ham/cheese yesterday with corn and pears. The day before we had left over KFC. We've already had hot dog this week too. I have pot roast that is cooking in crock pot { I am making barbqua [ some kinda mexican shredded beef}, for dinner tonight.. I DUNNO WHAT TO FEED THEM... Something easy and quick and NOT MESSY... We had bagels with cream cheese this morning, sounds simple right?? NOT.. One child licked all the cream cheese off, and then when he had a mouth full desided he does not like it so SPIT it all over the place. Thus causing #2 day care kid to SPIT HERS ALL OVER.. Thus causing my 18 mo old daughter to SPIT her milk all over. Bread and water I think is going to be the meal for today. They won't starve.... or will they?? I better add some bologna or ham or something to the bread and maybe put some juice in the water.

I smell poop, gotta run. Someone is poopy and it's not me.

Monday, May 08, 2006

Okay... My first offical post... I am not all that sure what to write but I promised a friend of mine I would start blogging so us "boring stay at home mom's" have something to read about. hahaha.

Today 5/7/06 My 18 1/2 month old daughter took 2 steps!! She is " on her own terms" when it comes to milestones. She is doing everything she should be, just not walking independently. She climbs my stairs at the speed of light, and is getting super good at being quiet about it, so I do not know she is up there until she is 3/4 way up stairs. I have parlor doors to retain her but she always ends up smashing her fingers in them { she pry's the doors open just enough to get her fingers in there}. Ummm what else..... She took a nose dive off my bed 2 days ago and has a nice bruise on her forehead. Emily is sorta a dare devil, she does not understand that when you throw yourself down that someone is not going to catch you all the time. I of course felt super bad, and she is sorta a drama queen so I felt 10x worse then usual because she was screaming bloody murder.
SHE IS SLEEPING REALLY GOOD.. but I am not going to write about it because I just may jinx myself!! I kinda like the 7 hours straight. DOES THIS COUNT AS SLEEPING THROUGH THE NIGHT?? IF SO I AM HAPPY!! I know it will be short lived but I can be excited for a few nights right??? Okay.. speaking of Emily.... she is eating cat food. so I need to end this before she hurls up a hair ball or something.